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About Us

Key team members:

  • Diana Glassman (HBS, formerly Strategic Consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers)
  • Joe Caruso (HBS, Strategic Consultant)
  • Arthur J. Murray, D.Sc. (CEO, Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc.)
  • Andrew Kosztyo (HBS, Strategic Consultant)
  • James Kurtz (HBS, Strategic Consultant)
  • Harvey Reid (HBS, small business admin senior advisor)
  • Christina Bogyo (UMD, Strategic Consultant)
  • H. Hollister Cantus, 25 years in Naval Aviation, United Technologies and Lockheed Corporation and senior US Government positions. A former member of Board of Directors of Aerospatiale.
  • Richard Boden (President, The Boden Group)

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Phone: +1 703 757-9195
Fax: +1 703 757-9196