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In addition to US Market entry and business development expertise, Active Influence has developed a range of partnerships on all continents to assist market entry for companies from any country to virtually all markets in the World.

Level 1

A) Basic Business Intelligence (In cooperation with ActiveMedia)

This is an example for an imageSearch Engine Keyword Analysis as a key Market Size Indicator and Qualifier

One of the most effective first steps in determining the size of a market is reviewing how many people search for relevant keywords in that industry.  This is true across all industries, from highly specific, customized technical products B2B (Business to Business) products through any type of generic B2C (Business to Consumer) consumer product.  The reason is simple: search engines became the primary search- research- and direct sale channel worldwide.  A keyword analysis provides you with the most important two data points: how many search queries are conducted in your relevant keywords space, and how many websites compete for that.  This innovative business development – business intelligence

Service details:

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Input from Client: list of keywords describing the industry (both professional- and everyday “layman’s” terms if applicable)

Deliverable: List of daily queries on Google- and all other search engines + data about the exact number of webpages competing in the space + summary with results analysis & next step action item recommendations

B) Basic Competitive Intelligence (In cooperation with ActiveMedia)

Search Engine keyword performance analysis on top competitors- distributors- potential strategic partners

Discovering the online technical IQ of a potential partner, competitor, re-seller is more than just an effective background indicator of the quality of potential services: it is a key indicator of the overall level of sophistication at the organization level.

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

Input from Client: definition of selection criteria or a list of competitors (or businesses based on any other criteria)

Deliverable: Baseline Performance Report on the participating companies + summary with results analysis & next step action item recommendations

Investment Packages:

  • Review of maximum 5 companies.
  • Review of up to 10 companies.
  • Review of up to 20 companies

Level 2

Basic Market Review

Synthesis and analysis of publicly available data to get at rough market size, segments, growth drivers, trends, customer needs, buyer characterization with key profiles as possible, description of competitive environment and key success factors. 

Public data sources include market studies, industry associations, trade journals, annual reports, web sites, literature searches and the like.  In addition 5-10 in person interviews will be conducted with opinion leaders in the space.   Analysis will be done on best efforts basis by seasoned strategy consulting  professionals.  The amount of available information varies from case to case.  In some instances very little information is available from publicly available sources, especially for small or niche segments.  In all instances the participation of an experienced consultant who  has the professional judgment to piece together partial and sometimes conflicting information is critical.

Client input:  background information and interview to cover current business, objectives, timeline, what is currently known and confirmed, hypothesis if possible, names and characteristics of customer and buyer structure, and what is that they know the don’t know and the like.

Timeline: 3-4 weeks.

Deliverable: the client will be apprised of the sort of data that is available at the beginning of week 2.  An approximately 20 page written report in Powerpoint with supporting appendices as appropriate will be provided at the end of the engagement. 

Level 3

Detailed Market Entry Review

This level empowers our clients to understand not only the big picture trends, but details and ideas that may not be in the public domain. The process includes personal interviews conducted by seasoned consultant to gain relevant industry insight.  Every market entry strategy is unique and will be customized to the client's objectives, resources and current market position. 

Client input:  after Level 2 is accomplished, consultant will either speak by phone or meet client in person for in-depth discussion of current state, interview candidates and interview guide.   Hypothesis will be developed including as appropriate organic growth, partnerships and potential acquisitions.    

The consultant will conduct additional research on third party information and will supplement with interviews with customers, competitors, suppliers, trade associations, and industry observers as possible. 

Deliverables: approximately 40 page powerpoint with high level market entry strategy recommendation, key action items and high level business case including rough directional estimate of revenue potential, costs, and risks.  Core recommendations will be supported as appropriate with profiles of potential acquisition candidates, partners, distributors, etc. 

At the client's option the consultant will facilitate a meeting with the client's senior executive team to discuss findings and determine next steps during week 5. 

Timeline:  6-8 weeks.

Level 4

Market Entry Support hands on execution

This process builds on the findings and provides client with hands on “team extensions” to facilitate technical aspects of the entry (including legal, marketing, technical compatibility, customs etc.)

Scope of the project is determined by the specific needs of our clients.

Level 5

Business plan writing and Fundraising (including IPO or listing on a US stock exchange)

Scope of the project is determined by the specific needs of our clients.


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