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H. Hollister Cantus

In the private sector, H. Hollister Cantus founded The ILEX Group in 1985 to provide clients with strategic and tactical advice on marketing to governments (Federal, state and local) and to assist in finding market opportunities in the commercial sector with emphasis on the national defense, national security, energy, transportation, and aerospace industries. He had previously served as the Senior Vice President in Washington for two $6-billion dollar Groups (United Technologies Building Sector and Lockheed Missiles and Space Group) and a $1-billion dollar corporation (ICF Kaiser). Mr. Cantus has also served on the Board of Directors of numerous trade associations, corporations, non-profit organizations, and industry advisory committees.

In public service, as a Naval Flight Officer (Captain, USNR-ret.) and as a senior civilian official, he has served in the Executive Branch under eight Presidents, including Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Associate Administrator of NASA, among others. Mr. Cantus also served five years on the House Armed Services Committee staff and on numerous Advisory Committees to the Virginia General Assembly. He has most recently served as one of the Governor’s appointees to the Virginia Commission on Military Bases, and as a Legislative appointee to the Joint Committee on Technology and Science’s Aerospace Advisory Committee.

A graduate of Williams College and a Virginian for four decades, he has been deeply involved in national, federal, state and local political activities and campaigns. He is married to Barbara Park Cantus, a fund-raising Director and consultant for charitable and political organizations as well as an award-winning artist.

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